Everyone can obtain Monetary Freedom | Sharique Samsudheen | TEDxCUSAT

Everyone can obtain Monetary Freedom | Sharique Samsudheen | TEDxCUSAT
Everybody can achieve Financial Freedom | Sharique Samsudheen | TEDxCUSAT

Mr. Sharique Samsudheen talks on how everyone can obtain Monetary Freedom of their life. Mr. Sharique Samsudheen is the founder and CEO of Fundfolio, a company aiming to construct India’s largest Group of Financially Unbiased People. Mr. Sharique is a B. Tech graduate from NIT Jamshedpur, who pragmatically guides his viewers about Begin-ups, finance, Investments and primarily inventory market by means of his free programs on You Tube and his personal social media account, marketfeed.information. He evokes lakhs of viewers together with inventory market fanatics to realize curated and noise free market insights and monetary information by means of his eloquent type of presentation. This speak was given at a TEDx occasion utilizing the TED convention format however independently organized by a area people. Be taught extra at https://www.ted.com/tedx


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38 thoughts on “Everyone can obtain Monetary Freedom | Sharique Samsudheen | TEDxCUSAT

    35 years tak 30k monthly expense
    45 years tak 50k monthly expense
    private sector lifestyle Marriage Kids Education car home loans bad debts uncertainty Health vacation etc… not considered till 55 years
    Likewise everyone should live 100 years because everyone BREATHS.
    Please don't give Misleading Financial advice or be specific this is ONLY for public sector lifestyle who get affected even by tomato,petrol price increase.

  2. Start investing for your child when born
    Roadmap :
    Step 1 : Invest in MF start SIP ₹1100
    Step 2 : stepup every year 5% on SIP
    Step 3 : Expected return 15% average
    Step 4 : Time period 30 yrs
    Total value after 30 yrs ₹1CR

  3. There are some assumptions in this presentation, which I understand are valid for India, but I doubt they are valid in other countries:
    1) saving half of your salary at age 25 is not realistic if you have to pay back your education or support your family or both.
    2) return on stocks gives in average 15% per year is very high. 5-8 % in other countries is the average.

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