Monetary Planning for Inexperienced persons | Private Monetary Planning Course P1 By CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

Monetary Planning for Inexperienced persons | Private Monetary Planning Course P1 By CA Rachana Phadke Ranade
Financial Planning for Beginners | Personal Financial Planning Course P1 By CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

You will get my Inventory Market programs on It’s a possibility to be taught 65+ ideas regarding Fundamentals of Inventory Market in 11 periods! Be happy to WhatsApp on +91 9022196678 when you’ve got any purchase-related queries.

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Fundamentals of Inventory Market For Inexperienced persons:

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Watch the primary a part of the Private #Monetary Planning #Course by CA Rachana Phadke Ranade. This collection is targeted on monetary planning for newbies. On this video CA Rachana explains the fundamentals of #PersonalFinancialPlanning, Password administration, Account operations, Account nominees.


CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

37 thoughts on “Monetary Planning for Inexperienced persons | Private Monetary Planning Course P1 By CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

  1. You can get my Stock Market courses on It’s an opportunity to learn 65+ concepts relating to Basics of Stock Market in 11 sessions! Feel free to WhatsApp on +91 9022196678 if you have any purchase-related queries.

    Illustrative List of topics:
    BSE, NSE, Sensex, NIFTY
    Types of orders – Limit, Stop Loss, etc
    Auction of shares, Concepts related to IPO like ASBA Facility, Price band, etc.
    And many more concepts!

  2. Instead of sharing password, couple can open a shared account and every month contribute 70% salary to the joint account

    Even if the partners don't have faith then also we would be financially free, right ?

  3. Hi Rachana Mam, Nice and important video. Yes I am using excel file for passwards since last 12 years. It is working very nicely. One thing I want to note here, you must keep the backup of file regularly like every year in my case. Also I add and share all insurances related details in excel file with all nominations. Even car insurance will give you money in case of accidental death and IDV value in case total loss of your car.

  4. I have been maintaining Excel for online accounts for last 3 years and Excel is encrypted with password. Even if someone can crack Excel open they can't understand the password 😂😂
    This is super Helpful 👌

  5. Hey!!! I love your lectures.. I completed 2 of your courses. One on Bascis of Stock market and another is technical analysis.. trust me they are precious lectures.

    I came across this stock market on a serious thought soon after my marriage. My husband suggested me to educate in Stocks for personal financial freedom. I went through many lectures and 1 book which I couldn't complete. As I was completely unaware of the technical words everything was bouncing over my head. So again I lost interest and stopped studying.. then when my hubby discussed about my lack of interest I told him about my problems with technical words I am facing in the books and lectures so he suggested me your lectures on Basics of stock market. Trust me I found wat I was searching for… U cleared each and every basic terms so easily in that trust me I am from Arts background unaware of technical financial words I could easily understand everything…I completed those 2 courses and now I am much more confident in taking my trades and I have involved myself in further studies.. Love ur lectures. Thank you from my bottom of my heart..

    Thank you for those lectures… hope to meet you soon and I shall thank you personally… thank you…

  6. Ma'am this is the first lecture series of yours I am attending and am very delighted with the info you are imparting to finance novices…
    I completely agree with your advise that a couple must know each others bank and investment details.
    Though we as a couple are doing it a bit differently. Instead of sharing passwords we have made sure that we maintain an excel sheet of our accounts ( Banking Savings, Deposit, Demat, MF, Insurance Policy Numbers, PPF, EPF etc…). Also we made sure of nominating each other. I think armed with this info either one of us should be able to take ownership of the others accounts in an unfortunate incident without having to share passwords.
    Please let me know your thoughts if ever you get a chance from your busy schedule.

  7. Hi Rachana , you are absolutely right..i had go through such kind of situation..My hubby is absolutely fine..kuch breakdown tha health m it has sloved nd he is fit and God grace… so he had given me all information that time ..aaj apki bat ka matlab samj m aaya guys listen to Rachana…love Rachana God bless you.

  8. indian parents (mostly) never teach about finance, not even how to open a bank account or how to manage tax etc., nor it is included in our education system
    so please make videos on basic knowledge as well


  10. Retiring early is possible but tough, it definitely requires discipline and big sacrifices. It’s not only about saving, the huge step is boosting earning capacity. The stock market and real estate are by far the most profitable my portfolio has experienced.

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